Summer in Sumter SC

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Crime Increasing in Sumter?

Sumter County Sheriff's Deputy returns to scene of an earlier attempted break-in and things go bad for the interlopers. A gun, reported stolen two years ago,found at the scene and was determined to have been recently fired. On scene investigation did not support claim by one of the intruders that he was shot by the responding Deputy.

One enterprising chop-shop evildoer became a victim of Sumter City Police when caught red-handed with stolen vehicle. Police search for the second person, they suspect is linked to the case.

Shaw AFB neighborhood shooter arrested? Sumter County Sheriff's Office spokesperson have indicated the shooting is still under investigation and request anyone with information call (803) 436-2700.

Taxpayers in Sumter, South Carolina host yet another shady character capture. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Haley's Payback? The Nerve.... get it

Click on the headline above for a revealing article of a possible payola scheme of Gov. Haley's. "...CDM Smith, a global engineering and construction firm that has a downtown Columbia office within walking distance of the State House..." Source

Photo Source
"...When Haley, a Lexington County Republican, was a state House member before her first election as governor in 2010, she worked as a consultant for the Columbia-based Wilbur Smith Associates engineering firm, which merged with CDM in 2011. In 2012, Haley faced a House Ethics Committee hearing over allegations that she illegally lobbied for Wilbur Smith from 2006 to 2008 when she was a House member, and failed to publicly disclose $48,000 in income from the firm..." Source

Thursday, October 30, 2014

COLUMBIA, SC: EXCLUSIVE: DHEC ignored threats to lake from toxic dump, consultant says | Local News | The State

Even the blind could see this one coming!!!!! 

COLUMBIA, SC: EXCLUSIVE: DHEC ignored threats to lake from toxic dump, consultant says | Local News | The State: "Kestrel became trustee of the Pinewood landfill about 10 years ago after the property’s owner, Safety Kleen, filed for bankruptcy and left South Carolina."


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Monday, October 27, 2014

MY LAST NERVE: 'Reform' Effort Would Squelch Right to Petition | The Nerve


MY LAST NERVE: 'Reform' Effort Would Squelch Right to Petition | The Nerve: "At a recent meeting of the House Rules and Procedures Ad-Hoc Committee, Rep. Kris Crawford (R-Florence) proposed a rule that would require any individual testifying before a House committee to meet extensive disclosure requirements"

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buying Prestige Using Funds from Campaign Contributors

Rep. Brian White Photo Credit 
Rep. White Contributes Thousands in Campaign Funds to Wife’s Employer, Charity | The Nerve: "The Nerve’s findings highlight the longstanding problem of the lack of restrictions – and enforcement – on how lawmakers spend their campaign money. The Nerve in February, for example, reported that Sen. Hugh Leatherman, R-Florence and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, donated $17,500 in campaign funds over a six-year period to a nonprofit school organization whose board of directors included his wife."

Related Link: Indicted Former House Speaker Bobby Harrell's Endorsement Rings Hollow:

"...“First of all, I would like to congratulate Brian White on the great honor of being elected the next Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee.

“Over his years of dedicated service in the House, Brian has displayed decisive leadership and a willingness to pursue and take on challenging responsibilities – currently serving as both Rules Committee Chairman and as Ways & Means 1st Vice-Chair. With the support his fellow Committee Members showed today, I am certain that Brian is ready to deal with the challenges ahead and do so as a fair Chairman who holds our state’s best interest at heart..."

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Friday, September 26, 2014

MY LAST NERVE: You Don't Need Term Limits; You Need Backbone | The Nerve

MY LAST NERVE: You Don't Need Term Limits; You Need Backbone | The Nerve: "...the fact that it took a criminal indictment to make that happen makes you wonder how 124 allegedly independent-minded elected officials kept absolutely quiet about it for so long..." and a WHAT IF moment: "...If the Legislature were to take the power to run state government away from the speaker – in other words, if the speaker becomes simply the House’s presiding officer, not a puppet master behind all three branches of government – members won’t want to serve more than two or three terms..."

Special note of interest: "...Rep. Murrell Smith (R-Sumter) was appointed Chairman of the bipartisan 17-member Special House Rules & Procedures Review Committee..." This was authorized by House Speaker Pro Tempore Jay Lucas – under his authority as Acting House Speaker - See Link

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Lawmakers Sleep Good at Night

Light Punishments for Raiding Campaign Accounts | The Nerve: "Gaines said the state Ethics Act is weak, adding that lawmakers deliberately crafted it that way to protect themselves.

“You know who writes that stuff,” Gaines said about the law. “You’ve got that fox guarding the chicken house.”"

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