Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gospel Singing Group?... Sort of... to hear them tell it.... it's the gospel!!!!

George, Cosie, and Timmy Kirven ... good 'ole Lee County Boy's

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vonage Connects you to Santa

Editor: If you are not using Vonage you may be paying too much for your phone service.

Is Sumter a Bicycle Friendly Community - Take the Survey

Sumter, SC - The City of Sumter is in the process of preparing an application to the League of American Bicyclists for recognition of the City as a Bicycle Friendly Community in South Carolina.   As such, we have prepared this survey to find out from the public and the bicyclists your opinion and idea of bicycle facilities and safety in the City of Sumter.  An application can only be as successful as its information.   It takes an interested community to make a difference in our current state as well as our future. Please participate.

Your answers and information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be used by any third party.
This survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Your candid answers to the questions will help us to make Sumter a better place for bicycle users in and around town. 

Please fill out the survey in the PDF form and save to your computer.  You may attach the form with your answers and email the completed form to, print out and fax to (803) 774 1687, or mail to: Sumter City-County Planning Department 12 West Liberty Street, PO Box 1449, Sumter, SC 29151.

Click Here to take Survey

Thank you

Susan H. Wild
Communications, Tourism & Recreation Director
P O Box 1449, 21 N. Main Street, Sumter, SC , 29151
803-436-2500 or 800-866-4748

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shucking Corn--Clean Ears Everytime - YouTube

Editor: I may be the only person left on this planet who hasn't heard about this.... I'm going broke buying ears of corn... amazingly simple!!!!
Shucking Corn--Clean Ears Everytime - YouTube

Friday, November 11, 2011

Husband Finds Wife in Compromising Situation with 15 Year Old

Two arrested in "strange love triangle" case - WIS News 10 - Columbia, South Carolina |: "BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - Two Bishopville residents are in trouble after being charged with two separate crimes against a 15-year-old. Officials say 24-year-old Mary Skinner is accused of having sex with the minor and her husband, Curtis Skinner, for assaulting him after finding the two kissing. Deputies are calling it a strange love triangle. "It's one of those odd cases where a man walks into his home and found his wife in a compromising position," said Maj. James Dellinger." 'via Blog this'

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wis. woman who saved good Samaritan: God helped (AP)

Editor: Everywhere you look an Angel appears.
Wis. woman who saved good Samaritan: God helped (AP): "Victor and Ann Geisbrecht, a Canadian couple from Winnipeg, pulled over Saturday evening to help Berg and Meier change a flat on a highway near Menomonie, in western Wisconsin. Ann Geisbrecht said her husband "always wants to stop" and help stranded motorists. "He's the type of person who gives you 100 percent and worries about himself later," she said in a statement Monday. Nearly immediately after driving off, Giesbrecht went into cardiac arrest and his wife helped bring their pickup truck to a stop. Berg said she and Meier followed behind them a few minutes later, talking about how thankful they were that the couple stopped, when they saw their truck along the side of the road. Berg said she saw Ann waving her hands and Meier and Berg ran over and started performing CPR on Victor Giesbrecht until emergency personnel arrived." 'via Blog this'

Google Reader (1000+)

Editor: Are Banks Too Big?
Google Reader (1000+): "After about a year of increased regulatory scrutiny, banks boost the pace of foreclosure activity in October, filing actions on 230,678 U.S. homes, a 7% increase over September. Banks are reasserting themselves against troubled borrowers, sending close to 78,000 properties into the first stage of the foreclosure process in October after a nearly yearlong slowdown brought on by increased scrutiny from regulators." 'via Blog this'

Feds advise folks on SC coast to watch for whales : News :

Feds advise folks on SC coast to watch for whales : News : "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service says calving season has begun for the North Atlantic right while. That means the endangered creatures are making their way south from New England to the warm waters off South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Every winter, pregnant right whales come to the southern waters to give birth and nurse their young. The whales are among the most endangered marine mammals in the world, with only about 360 left." 'via Blog this'

Thieves make off with tires from SC police cruiser - Crime & Courts -

Editor: It is only going to get worst folks... the courts and the people who staff them have no teeth... crime pays is the message thieves are receiving.
Thieves make off with tires from SC police cruiser - Crime & Courts - "SUMMERVILLE, S.C. — The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office is in the market for a new set of tires, thanks to some audacious thieves who left a cruiser up on blocks. The Post and Courier of Charleston reports ( that the manager of the Mr. Sign business in Summerville found the vehicle in his lot Tuesday morning. The car was on cinder blocks, its brand new tires gone." 'via Blog this'

Penn State fires Paterno | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment

Editor: Was the firing of Paterno the right thing to do?
Penn State fires Paterno | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment: "Paterno and Spanier were informed of the decision by telephone. “We were unable to find a way to do that in person without causing further distraction,” Surma said. Speaking at his house to a couple of dozen students, Paterno said, “Right now, I’m not the football coach. And I’ve got to get used to that. After 61 years, I’ve got to get used to it. I appreciate it. Let me think it through.” He shook hands with many of the students, some of whom were crying." 'via Blog this'

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There's a Full Beaver Moon Out Tonight

I didn't know that Full Moon's have names

Tonight it is the Full Beaver Moon – November

This was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps 

froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another 

interpretation suggests that the name Full Beaver Moon 

comes from the fact that the beavers are now actively 

preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the 

Frosty Moon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spartanburg sheriff urges women to carry guns - Crime & Courts -

Spartanburg sheriff urges women to carry guns - Crime & Courts - "SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Spartanburg County's sheriff is urging women to obtain concealed weapons permits and carry guns to protect themselves. Sheriff Chuck Wright made the suggestion Monday in discussing the arrest of a suspect in an attempted rape last weekend. Wright suggested that women carry a .45-caliber weapon so accuracy wouldn't be an issue. He showed reporters at a news conference a fanny pack that women could use to carry a handgun while jogging." 'via Blog this'

Sumter grocer found shot in stomach - Crime & Courts -

Sumter grocer found shot in stomach - Crime & Courts - "According to an incident report, victim Charles Dixon, 56, Sumter, was at Dixon’s Shopping Plaza, a grocery, around 9:54 p.m. when three men came into the store. The incident report offers little detail, but says Dixon reported the men shot him in the stomach. A responding deputy found him lying behind the counter of the business at 190 N. Kings Highway. Dixon reported he shot back at the suspects, but they fled in a gray or silver pickup truck, possibly a Chevrolet. No descriptions of the suspects were available." 'via Blog this'

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homeowner comes home to find burglary in progress - WIS News 10 - Columbia, South Carolina |

Editor's Opinion: This homeowner was lucky that he didn't lose his life... Day time burglaries are the trend. Thieves know most homes will be empty during the day with both husband and wife away at work, kids in school... it's the most opportune time to take valuable's to feed their drug habits... Be a good neighbor, be nosy and snitch on suspicious activity, the police want you to and the homeowner will be happy to have a snitch living next door. Snitch on Crime!