Friday, June 22, 2012

Call 877-754-8837 and Report A Litterbug | PalmettoPride

24 Hour Hot Line

 "You spot someone tossing litter from an automobile. 

You immediately call 877-754-8837 and anonymously report them.  


 dial #LB on your AT&T or Alltel phone (toll-free) and report the location, time and the litterbug’s license number."

The litterbug will receive a letter from the Department of Public Safety informing him or her that they can’t get away with littering in South Carolina. The letter will explain that if a law enforcement officer had witnessed the littering, it could have resulted in a serious fine or even jail time.

Report A Litterbug | PalmettoPride:

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

State Top Democrat Implies Fraud Conviction Qualifies Doyle for Federal Office

Dick Harpootlian
Chairman State Democratic Party
Brian LRyan B Doyle
Candidate for United States House Of Representatives District 3, South Carolina

S.C. Democrat with criminal past runs for Congress - Local / Metro - "Dick Harpootlian, chairman of the state Democratic Party, said party officials would need to evaluate Doyle’s chances of success and campaign strategy before opting to devote resources toward campaigning for him.
“He’s legally qualified, A. and B, we’re sending him to Washington, where fraud is a way of life. So I certainly don’t think it’s a disqualifier,” Harpootlian said of Doyle’s conviction. “We’d have to see what kind of effort he’s making.”"

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