Saturday, December 21, 2013

Phil Robertson's Backup QB on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

For two years while at Quarterbacking for the LSU Tigers, four time Super Bowl winner, Terry Bradshaw sat on the bench as backup to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson. Robertson quit the team to go duck hunting. Robertson, in his early career, worked as a school teacher, having obtained his Masters Degree in night classes. Looking at Phil one would never think him to be an intellectual. Turn the page on this millionaire and you will find nothing made up.... and that includes his faith.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Are Not Ashamed of This - Tuomey Hospital Receives "C" Rating

Dr. Gene Dickerson, vice president of Medical Affairs for Tuomey:
“...We’re not ashamed of this. We try to do the best we can and answer the questions the best we can. The data’s not perfect,” Dickerson said. “We never bragged on having an A. If you read my comments from the last time, I kind of downplayed it. It’s one little survey and one little measure out of several that we participate in. It’s really just a snapshot of the care that we provide...” Source Link

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Aw, Don't Mind That! | The Nerve

Aw, Don't Mind That! | The Nerve

"....As a general rule, we permit our politicians to stretch the truth here and there. If they want to take a little undeserved credit, most of us won’t begrudge them the pleasure. But a recent op-ed published in several papers by three leaders of the South Carolina House – Representatives Bruce Bannister, Bobby Harrell, and Brian White – stretches the truth so far and in so many ways that it can’t be allowed to pass without comment.  
The authors claim, for example, that “over the past four years, South Carolina has had an average annual surplus of more than $157 million – allowing our state to sustain core services while maintaining $28.7 billion in Republican-passed tax cuts.”
This is flatly untrue. At least $15.9 billion of that “$28.7 billion in Republican-passed tax cuts” consists of tax breaks to special interests – mostly tax favors to companies and industries with good lobbyists, not tax relief for everyone. As for the remaining $12.8 billion, it’s more than offset by the fact that the state’s income tax rates haven’t been indexed for inflation in more than a half century – meaning that the vast majority of working South Carolinians, even those who only make $14,000 a year, pay at the highest tax bracket of 7 percent. In other words: since the tax brackets have stayed the same while inflation has gotten higher, your taxes have steadily risen, not fallen...." Source Link

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forget 'Fear the Thumb' FEAR THE DRUNK

Drunk Steve Spurrier — Please be patient while the video loads. Bandwidth is expensive.: "Given the propensity for the University of South Carolina to actively endorse systematic censorship, propagating this lovely video in one more place can't hurt."
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Friday, September 27, 2013

SUMTER, SC: Sumter hospital execs resign | Business | The State

SUMTER, SC: Sumter hospital execs resign | Business | The State: "Cox — who has been the president and CEO of Tuomey since October 1990, having served as the hospital’s senior vice president for nearly five years before that — is expected to leave at the end of October, while Martin will depart from the hospital sometime between November and the end of the year. Meanwhile, Nexsen Pruet and Tuomey are expected to sever ties sometime in the next 60 days."

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gamblers Jay Cox and Gregg Martin Ousted

The Sumter Hospital, Sumter, South Carolina

No, the South Carolina Seismic Network has not reported any seismograph recordings which indicate unusual ground movement in and around St. Lawrence Cemetery in Sumter, South Carolina...

Lord knows it should have, for it is the final resting place of Timothy J. Tuomey, a local well known and admired philanthropist, whose last will and testament led to the purchase in 1913 of a hospital known as the Sumter Hospital .

Tuomey's current website boasts: "...Were he alive today, he would no doubt be amazed at the growth and transformation that is now under way at the hospital that bears his name...LINK

Back in September of 2007 when the case was in its infancy Cox
referred to it as  'An unbelievable experience' Link
VP Gregg Martin
"...You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run..." Tuomey's former President/CEO and his Vice-President/COO failed to heed the first three bits of advice, but the hospital's board has ensured that the duo is on the road after failing to heed the advice Country Music crooner Kenny Rogers offered in his hit song "The Gambler".

For those who believe, there is that supernatural force that almost always finds a way to use your former actions against you.... It's called Karma, and I believe that is exactly what happened in this case.


"The first federal prosecution of those claims led to a split decision: $45 million in penalties and an appeal to the 4th Circuit.(Tuomey's Leaders Should have walked away)

The second trial this spring puts penalties assessed against Tuomey at more than $230 million." (Lesson learned... Leaders Ousted)

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More Spoiled Kids for Spurrier to Baby Sit?

Spurrier loses 2 top recruits from Georgia | College Recruiting Blog | "That’s what they are used to. And if they’re not getting the attention, they feel like something is wrong. Our kids just hadn’t had a lot of contact with South Carolina. "

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Big homecoming weekend at Shaw | Shaw Air Force Base | The State

Big homecoming weekend at Shaw | Shaw Air Force Base | The State: "Small children waited anxiously for the plane to touch down, newborns slept before the first appearance of their fathers, and women dressed in high heels teetered on the runway while their husbands and boyfriends flew in from the other side of the world."

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Credit Card Fraud Leaving Sumter Station Low on Gas |

Credit Card Fraud Leaving Sumter Station Low on Gas | ""Hey man don't swipe your card, give me $20 and I will use my credit card and fill up your car, they do that right in front of us and its nothing we can do."

She has called sheriffs deputies numerous times but by the time officers arrive, the suspects are already gone."

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

South Carolina Paper Removes Columnist Muzzle: All Topics In Play

South Carolina Paper Removes Columnist Muzzle: All Topics In Play: "“Moving forward, all topics — including USC football — are in play. As always, this is a newspaper committed to accuracy, fairness and holding accountable the news makers and institutions that serve our community and our state.”


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"...I Think We Need to make Some Changes..." Spurrier in September of 2012

I'm mad as hell Ain't gonna take it no more 
Editor: You have to give the Head Football Nazi over at UCAR credit for his tenacity... it took a couple of years but he delivered on his promise.
Ron Morris Banned 
From Reporting
on Gamecock Football 

Spurrier in October of 2011
 I’m not taking any more of this stuff
that’s coming out of our local paper anymore.
“...I’m not gonna talk when [Morris] is in here. That’s my right as a head coach. I don’t have to talk to him, and I don’t have to talk to him when he’s in here. So what we’re gonna do, all you TV guys, I’m gonna do a personal interview with you in this other room....” Read More At This Link

Spurrier in September of 2012
“...I think we need to make some changes. I think some positive changes are going to happen,” Spurrier said. “They have a little problem over there that we know about, but they’re working on it. Our president and our athletic director, they’re all backing me in this...


“...We’ve had some serious discussions about things. Basically, I said I’m not taking any more of this stuff that’s coming out of our local paper anymore. If that’s part of the job, I’ll head to the beach. That’s not part of the job. So, we’re going to get it straightened out...” Read More At This Link

Was the Bruce Ellington article the end for Morris? Link

Friday, September 13, 2013

SUMTER, SC: After $500K swindle of Sumter man, a guilty plea and prison time | Crime | The State

SUMTER, SC: After $500K swindle of Sumter man, a guilty plea and prison time | Crime | The State: "Pomfret twice sent account statements to the Sumter man indicating positive returns on his investment, but statements in early 2011 indicated a loss for late 2010.

“Further correspondence indicated (the victim’s) investment was being written down and claimed (the offshore funds) were being closed,” the indictment reads. “(The victim) demanded a refund of the balance.”"

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Columbia to Athens

Most road trips are for Fun and Relaxation.
The Gamecocks will miss out on both this trip.  

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Sumter Police Need Help Finding Woman Missing For a Week |

Sumter Police Need Help Finding Woman Missing For a Week | "Jenkins is known to frequent the Oakland Street, Council Street, and Dingle Street areas. Jenkins is considered endangered due to her erratic behavior prior to her disappearance."

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

SUMTER, SC: 2 football players charged in attack on 14-year-old at Sumter High | Crime | The State

SUMTER, SC: 2 football players charged in attack on 14-year-old at Sumter High | Crime | The State: "Sumter School District superintendent Dr. Frank Baker said Sumter High principal Dana Fall and head football coach Reggie Kennedy were meeting Wednesday, planning a strategy on how to address the issue with the football team. At the same time, Baker said, it had become clear that the team expected there to be disciplinary action."

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sumter football players arrested for sexual assault - - Columbia, South Carolina |

Sumter football players arrested for sexual assault - - Columbia, South Carolina |: "Two Sumter High School football players have been arrested and charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor 2nd degree and conspiracy, according to the Sumter Police Department.

In May, a 14-year-old boy reported to police that three people assaulted him while in a bathroom/locker room at Sumter High School, police said.

According to investigators, the boy reported that two people held him down while a third subject penetrated him in a sexual manner with an unknown object. The alleged assault happened in February, police said.

The victim identified two of the subjects involved in the incident as Deonte Lowery, 16, and Tiquan Colclough, 16. Lowery is listed as a wide receiver and Colclough is listed as a cornerback on the Sumter High School football roster. Both are juniors. "
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Friday, August 2, 2013


CLICK ON THIS LINK TO TAKE ACTION: Project Conflict Watch : The South Carolina Policy Council: "Project Conflict Watch"

South Carolina is the only state in the nation that doesn’t require its politicians to disclose any private income. The public consequently has no way of knowing who benefits financially from specific legislation.
So – we decided to do something about it. Rather than waiting for lawmakers to pass an income disclosure requirement, we’ve asked them (along with the state’s constitutional officers) to disclose their income voluntarily. The form SCPC sent to lawmakers is almost identical to the one required by the federal government before one can hold office in the U.S. Congress – we think our state’s elected officials ought to be at least as forthcoming as their counterparts in Washington DC.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The smallest organism can be the deadliest in South Carolina's r - - Columbia, South Carolina |

The smallest organism can be the deadliest in South Carolina's r - - Columbia, South Carolina |: ""I was wondering to myself, maybe if I turned the clock back a year and had never heard of this amoeba and maybe read about an incident where this child had contracted the amoeba, would I take it serious enough if we were going to the lake to put on a nose plug on my child? And I was like, you don't think it can happen to you, and you think well, that was a terrible thing that happened, but you don't really take it serious until it happened to you sometimes," "

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watch out, Republicans! You’re helping Obamacare succeed.

Watch out, Republicans! You’re helping Obamacare succeed.: "Senators say premiums will skyrocket; ads claim that Americans will lose access to their doctors. The health-care system we have right now, numerous legislators will warn, will quickly become a relic of the past. There’s even a rumor floating around right now that Obamacare will require every American to get a microchip implanted in their hand or neck that will contain their health and bank records."

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Fmr. Clemson Linebacker Pulls Family from Burning Car |

Fmr. Clemson Linebacker Pulls Family from Burning Car | "Willard, an undrafted free agent out of Clemson, risked his own life by entering a burning car alongside I-40 in Tennessee. He and another passerby helped pull a woman, her three small children and a dog out of the vehicle only minutes before it exploded.

"At the time, it wasn't scary," Willard said today as the Titans reported for training camp. "I guess I just figured I had to do it. But afterward, I realized how dangerous and scary it really was.

"It kind of topped everything I've ever done on the football field. Afterward, I was driving, and I started shaking. I was just nervous. It was a rush. I was like, 'I need to calm down.' ""

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Navy completes 1st unmanned aircraft landing aboard USS George H.W. Bush in Atlantic Ocean - The Washington Post

Navy completes 1st unmanned aircraft landing aboard USS George H.W. Bush in Atlantic Ocean - The Washington Post:“Your grandchildren and great grandchildren and mine will be reading about this historic event in their history books. This is not trivial, nor is it something that came lightly,” said Rear Adm. Mat Winter, the Navy’s program executive officer for unmanned aviation and strike weapons."

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Police: Man sexually assaulted, kidnapped woman - - Columbia, South Carolina |

A 2003 booking photo of Anthony Tyrone Dervin. (Source: Columbia Police Department)
47-year-old Anthony Tyrone Dervin
Police: Man sexually assaulted, kidnapped woman - - Columbia, South Carolina |: "Police say the victim noticed people in the area and honked the horn several times to get their attention. At that point, Dervin ran away, according to investigators."

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Page 2: Patient Wakes Up Right Before Doctors Remove Organs - ABC News

Page 2: Patient Wakes Up Right Before Doctors Remove Organs - ABC News: "The hospital determined that it had followed protocols, according to its reviews sent to the state Department of Health. HHS disagreed, and said the investigation of Burns' near death was inadequate. St. Joseph's didn't conduct a review until the state Department of Health asked it to nearly five months after the near-organ removal."

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Faye Horton-Stewart June 2, 1951 - June 7, 2013


A memorial service for Faye Horton-Stewart, 62, will be held on Saturday, July 13 at 11:00am in Wesley Hall at Lexington United Methodist Church. Visitation with light refreshments will follow the service in Asbury Hall. 
Mrs. Horton-Stewart was born June 2, 1951 in Meshoppen  PA and passed away on Sunday, June 7, 2013. She was a daughter of the late Miles J. Horton and Alice E. Phinney Horton. She was an office administrator with Grand Lodge AFM of South Carolina

Surviving are loving husband of 34 years, John Frederick Stewart; sons, Shawn Stewart of Columbia, Patrick (Jennifer) Stewart of Lexington, Miles (Katie) Stewart of West Columbia and Craig Stewart of Lexington; grandchildren, Anna Claire, Aria and Andrew. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.
Mrs. Horton-Stewart was a past board member of Killingsworth, UMW president and Chair of the LUMC board of Trustees as well as many other positions in the church. At Faye's request, you are asked to bring a canned good(s) for LICS or food items to stock our Snack Sack Ministry. Memorials can be made to Lexington UMC. 

Caughman-Harman Funeral Home, Lexington Chapel is assisting the family with arrangements.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Brown Recluse Rare in South Carolina

Experts agree that unlike the widow spiders, large numbers of brown recluse spiders have not been proven to exist in South Carolina. Most also agree that brown recluse spiders are extremely rare here. Scientists who study spiders have reported finding small numbers of brown recluse spiders in only six different locations in northwestern South Carolina. 
This does not mean that they can't 'catch a ride' or hitchhike in some clothing or container, so use gloves and care when unpacking if moving from one of these locations. (See Map for Known Recluse Habitats)

For scale, this image shows the spider alongside a penny.
  • Physical features: Small and delicate in appearance, 3/8” (9.525 mm) long
  • Poisonous: Yes
  • Lives in: South central, midwestern and southwestern United States
  • Eats: These spiders can actually survive for many months without any food or water. They do not use their webs to capture their prey. Brown recluse spiders eat all types of insects, but they prefer to eat dead insects.
Brown recluse/violin spiders (Loxosceles reclusa) are feared because of the severe symptoms their bites may produce. The brown recluse spider is unique because it has only six eyes (most spiders have eight) and it has a violin-shaped marking on its back (hence its alternative name of violin spider).
Look for the violin shape. The most distinguishing feature of a brown recluse is the violin-shaped mark it has on its back. The mark is darker than the body and the “neck” of the violin points toward the rear of the spider.
Determine if the spider has six eyes instead of eight. The eyes are arranged in a circular fashion with two eyes in three separate groups. You may need a magnifying glass to clearly see this arrangement.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snowden - Sane or Insane applies for Asylum - Anywhere but USA

Somebody take me please; they gonna Waterboard me!!!!
Russia official: Venezuela last chance for Snowden: "Snowden has applied for asylum in more than two dozen countries, including Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela, according to WikiLeaks, the secret-spilling website that has been advising him."

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Third Amendment, rarely invoked, cited in Nevada family's suit against police |

Third Amendment, rarely invoked, cited in Nevada family's suit against police | "According to Courthouse News Service, the complaint says that when Henderson officers asked permission by phone to occupy Anthony Mitchell's home to gain "tactical advantage" in the domestic disturbance, he refused because he didn't want to get involved.

Officers then devised and executed a plan to get him out, the suit says. "

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US Parents Are Loath to Raise Future Politicians - ABC News

US Parents Are Loath to Raise Future Politicians - ABC News: "Mommas don’t want their babies to grow up to be politicians, a new poll finds.
U.S. parents who are pretty down on Washington and don’t want their kids anywhere near the political world.

A new Gallup poll finds that only 31 percent of Americans want their son or daughter to go into politics.
Combined with years of Congress’ in-the-dumps approval ratings – Gallup put Congress’ approval rating at 13 percent in March – the news isn’t exactly a surprise.
As it turns out, Americans have never really loved the idea of raising future politicians. Fewer than 30 percent of Americans have said they want their son to go into politics since the 1960s."

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DHEC Worker Accused of Profiting from TB Outbreak |

DHEC Worker Accused of Profiting from TB Outbreak | "The lawsuit filed Wednesday accuses Shea Rabley of setting up a tuberculosis consulting business after the outbreak was detected at Greenwood County's Ninety Six Primary School.

The allegations are part of former DHEC nurse Latrinia Richard's lawsuit. Richard says she was wrongly fired after DHEC officials didn't heed her warnings about the outbreak."

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Acquitted Sumter officer: "Only God's grace kept me for that two - - Columbia, South Carolina |

Acquitted Sumter officer: "Only God's grace kept me for that two - - Columbia, South Carolina |: "Monday afternoon, a Sumter County jury took only one hour to find former Sumter Police officer Alex Williams not guilty. That verdict came two years to the day then-Chief Patty Patterson fired him."
"...Williams says prosecutors offered him a deal: take a plea to the charge and walk away with a fine. Williams says he wanted a jury to prove his innocence.
"When I'm right and I know I'm right and I can stand on my right, then that's what I do," said Williams. "That's who I am and that's who I always will be. That's how I was raised and nobody can change that..."

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

House Spent About $2M of Taxpayers’ Money on Coffee, Pastries, Foundation Finds - ABC News

Editor: This is outrageous, especially when everybody else is cutting back. 

House Spent About $2M of Taxpayers’ Money on Coffee, Pastries, Foundation Finds - ABC News: "Most Americans start their day with at least one cup of coffee, maybe paying $2 to $5, but many might be surprised to know they also treat their members of Congress to some joe and a bagel or two, as well.
The Sunlight Foundation, a watchdog group advocating for government transparency, crunched the numbers for ABC News and found that the House of Representatives spent nearly $2 million on coffee and food in 2012 for events in and around the Capitol."
"The biggest spender in the House was No. 3 Republican Kevin McCarthy of California. On his Facebook page, pictures of meetings include fruit, bagels, croissants and coffee. (Read his bio here)

McCarthy’s 2012 grand total – $95,000, with an additional $4,000 being spent on bottled water – was enough to pay the salaries of two mid-level staffers on Capitol Hill."
"When ABC News approached him as he walked down a hallway in the Capitol to ask about the nearly $100,000 spent to cater meetings and dinner, he responded: “You noticed. We cut it out.”
"You noticed. We cut it out."
Actually, what ABC News noticed were the leftovers from a meeting McCarthy had just attended. A staffer even offered a bagel.
While McCarthy said he was making cuts, his office did not provide any numbers."

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Suspect in Dragging Death Identified Columbia Police Need Your Help

Suspect in Dragging Death Identified | "At some point, officers believe Zuniga-Torres got in his van and started to drive away. Investigators say it appears one of the men got injured as the vehicle moved away, but Smith got tangled underneath the trailer. Smith was then dragged 1,600 feet."

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Snowden: Hero or Villain



Snowden: Hero or Villain free polls 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hong Kong: Snowden has left for third country - CBS News

"The HKSAR Government has already informed the US Government of Mr Snowden's departure."
"Meanwhile, the HKSAR Government has formally written to the US Government requesting clarification on earlier reports about the hacking of computer systems in Hong Kong by US government agencies. The HKSAR Government will continue to follow up on the matter so as to protect the legal rights of the people of Hong Kong."

Hong Kong: Snowden has left for third country - CBS News

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Connecticut gun maker moving to South Carolina, in wake of tighter state gun laws | Fox News

Connecticut gun maker moving to South Carolina, in wake of tighter state gun laws | Fox News: "A Connecticut gun manufacturer is moving to South Carolina after Connecticut lawmakers passed stricter gun-control laws in the aftermath of the fatal Sandy Hook School shootings.

PTR Industries will make the formal announcement next week at a ribbon-cutting to be attended by South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, according to The Sun News of Myrtle Beach.

The company is going to Horry County, which includes Myrtle Beach, and has already approved a resolution setting out the terms of the company's move."

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SUMTER, SC: Sumter School Board briefed on SLED investigation of high school | Crime | The State

SUMTER, SC: Sumter School Board briefed on SLED investigation of high school | Crime | The State: "As part of its own investigation conducted while testing was underway, auditors with the education department said they found several significant procedural violations, and a spokesman for the department described the conditions during the exit exam for high school students as “one of the worst and unprepared buildings to give a test that they have ever seen.”"

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DVIDS - News - Sumter bids farewell to Lt. Gen. Brooks

Sumter bids farewell to Lt. Gen. Brooks"Brooks, who was Third Army/ARCENT’s first commander after the headquarters moved here from Fort McPherson, Ga., in 2011, added that he was proud of Third Army/ARCENT’s positively affect on Sumter and the surrounding areas.

“We’ve done things in the community here; we’ve made a difference in the lives of people,” Brooks remarked. That kind of spirit - that’s on fire here. And being a part of that, being able to see that - what a thrill!”"

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Sumter jobless rate at 9 percent - The Item: Local News

Sumter jobless rate at 9 percent - The Item: Local News: "Sumter County unemployment climbed to 9 percent in May, as nearly 400 people entering the local labor force pushed the area rate upward.
Despite the 0.7 percentage point increase reported by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce, Sumter County's unemployment rate remains well below where it stood at the same time last year, when it was 10.3 percent."

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SUMTER, SC: Sumter pastor charged with molesting church members and forgery | Crime | The State

SUMTER, SC: Sumter pastor charged with molesting church members and forgery | Crime | The State: "Durant was charged with two counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct - with a minor between the ages of 11-14- and four counts of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct.

He is also charged with forgery after allegedly forging the name of one of the victim’s grandmothers on a Quit Claim Deed and filing it with the Sumter County Register of Deeds office, police said."

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BISHOPVILLE, SC: Probation for Columbia man convicted of animal cruelty | Crime | The State

BISHOPVILLE, SC: Probation for Columbia man convicted of animal cruelty | Crime | The State: "Lee County Assistant Public Defender King Cutter told Cothran that Stewart was disabled in 2005 and began breeding the dogs shortly thereafter.

“It just got out of hand,” Cutter said. “He kept the house as best he could, but it got out of hand. He did not intentionally mean to harm these animals.”"

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Countdown to Supermoon


An Extreme Supermoon occurs when the new or full moon is at 100 percent greater mean perigee. The view of the moon this weekend will therefore be an Extreme Supermoon as it passes 356,991 kilometers away from the Earth, compared to its "typical" distance of 384,400 kilometers. Skies over the Desert Southwest and the lower Ohio Valley into the mid-Atlantic and southern New England will have the clearest skies for viewing the moon. The Upper Midwest will have the poorest conditions as rain and thunderstorms will sit above the area overnight. Showers will also affect part of the Northwest and pockets of the Plains and Deep South, but will die out as the night goes on. The rest of the United States will have times of clear skies with patchy clouds obstructing views at times.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Alternative Solutions to the Hazardous Products You Bring into Your Home

Read the Labels on the Products you use Virtually Everyday

Then Purchase this Sign and Post it in Front of Your Home

By law, a hazardous material is "any product that corrodes other materials, explodes or is easily ignited, reacts strongly with water, is unstable when exposed to heat or shock, or is otherwise toxic to humans, animals, or the environment." Hazardous materials can include explosives, flammable gases and liquids, poisons and poisonous gases, corrosives and caustics, nonflammable gases, oxidizers, water-reactive materials, and radioactive materials. 


Your Home is a Hazardous Material Storage Area


* Deodorize your sink drains: Pour a cup down your drain, let stand about thirty minutes, then run cold water. 
* Unclog a drain: Dump 1 cup of baking soda down your drain and follow it with 1 cup of vinegar. When they mix, they foam and expand, cleaning your drain. Allow a few minutes for the mixture to do its job, and then flush with hot water for several minutes. 
* Disinfect and clean wood cutting boards: Rub with vinegar to disinfect and clean. If your cutting board has deep grooves, you can also soak the board in vinegar for 5-10 minutes. 
* Cut grease: When washing greasy pans or dishes, add a few tablespoons of vinegar to your soapy dishwater.
* Clean the dishwasher: Vinegar reduces soap build up, so throw a cup of vinegar in your dishwasher and let it run a full (empty) cycle once a month or so. 
* Clean the coffeepot: Hard water can clog a coffeepot and cause yucky buildup inside it. To remedy this, pour 1 cup vinegar in your coffeepot, fill the rest of the way with water, then run it through a cycle as usual (without coffee grounds in the filter). Rinse the coffeepot out. Fill it with fresh water and run another cycle without coffee to rinse the inside of the coffee maker. 
* Loosen food grime and clean the microwave: Place a microwave-safe bowl with 2 cups water, 1/2 cup vinegar inside the microwave and microwave on full power for 3-4 minutes (it needs to boil). Keep your microwave closed for a few minutes to allow the steam to loosen the grime, then open your microwave, carefully remove the bowl, and wipe clean! 
* Clean windows: Mix 1 cup vinegar with 5 cups water and you've got a great window cleaner. If you must have blue window cleaner, just a few drops of blue food coloring! 
* Remove grease from kitchen walls: Put straight vinegar on a dishcloth to wipe grease off kitchen walls, or the stovetop. 
* Remove pet urine stains (and smells) from carpet: Mix about 1/4 cup of vinegar to a quart of water. Soak a washcloth in the mixture and blot the area several times. 
* Clean kitchen and bathroom faucets: Soak a paper towel in vinegar then wrap it around your faucet to remove mineral deposits. 
* Clean and shine no-wax vinyl or linoleum floors: Mix 1 gallon of water with 1/2 cup vinegar in
a bucket, then mop or scrub your floor with the solution. 
* Inexpensive scouring powder: Combine two tablespoons each of vinegar and baking soda for an effective scouring powder. 
* Clean the toilet rim: Put straight 5% vinegar in a squirt bottle and use it to clean the rim of the
toilet. It disinfects, too! 
* Prevent mold and mildew in the shower: Wipe down tile or Formica shower walls with a
sponge or cloth dampened with water and vinegar. The vinegar will clean the walls and inhibit
the growth of mold and mildew. 
* Unclog the showerhead: Mineral deposits from hard water can cause a sputtering, clogged
shower head. Place the showerhead in a pot; add enough vinegar to completely cover it. Heat
the vinegar to just below boiling, and then remove from heat. Allow to sit for at least 6 hours. The acid in the vinegar will eat away the deposits. Rinse the showerhead well, and it's ready to go again.
* Get rid of the funky smell in that lunchbox: Soak a piece of plain bread in vinegar, then place it
in the lunchbox overnight and the smell will disappear! 
* Remove rust: To get rid of rust, soak items in vinegar (do not dilute). This will work on any metals. 
* Remove residue and styling product build up from hair: After shampooing, rinse your hair with a mixture of 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 warm water to remove all the build up and get rid of that dullness. 
* Eliminate smells: Run a hot tub of water and pour in one or two cups of vinegar. Hang smelly
clothes on hangers along your shower curtain rod. This will remove smoke and other tough
* Get rid of stickers, decals and sticky residues: Rub a few coats of vinegar on the area and
allow soaking. Then wash off with a wet washcloth and the sticky will rub right off. 
* Polish patent leather purses and shoes: Place vinegar on a clean cloth, and then rub over patent leather. Wipe dry with another clean cloth. 
* Remove stains: Rub a small amount of vinegar gently on fruit, jelly, mustard or coffee type
stains and wash as usual. No more stain! 
* Clean your glasses: Place a drop of vinegar on the lens, then rub with a cotton cloth. 
* Get the smell out of your cloth diapers! Next time those cloth diapers start to smell, add a 1/2
to 1 cup of vinegar in your last rinse. 
* Polish your car: Rub vinegar on chrome to clean and shine it. 
* Remove bumper stickers: Soak a cloth in vinegar and lay it over the bumper sticker. Allow to
soak a few minutes. The bumper sticker should peel right off. Rub vinegar over the area to
remove the sticky residue, if necessary. 
* Next time you have a sore throat, try gargling with cider vinegar! 

 Garlic Spray This recipe is for a more serious pest problem; if you see significant damage to your veggies/leaves/roots, or see the actual pests, this solution will kill/drive the majority of them away, (ants, aphids, cucumber beetles, cabbage worms, etc.). Spray on 1-2 times a day depending on the severity of the pests. Mash 5 small or 3 large cloves of garlic into a pulp in a pitcher/large measuring cup. Add water slowly, making sure you stir the garlic and water together well. When you have enough water to fill your spray bottle, pour mixture in and it's ready to go. Garlic is antibacterial and antimicrobial as well, so it can be useful for certain kinds of plant molds. Spray on 1-2 a day, directly onto leaves/veggies/flowers.  Pepper & Lemon Spray Add tsp cayenne pepper to stray bottle that is 3/4 filled with water. Then add the juice of 1/2 lemon. Shake solution and spray once a day. 
 THE ULTRA This spray will burn the pants off the most common garden pests. Crush 3 cloves garlic into a pulp, and slowly mix in water, (as in garlic spray recipe). Pour into spray bottle. Then add 1/2 cayenne pepper, 1 tsp biodegradable dish soap, and 1 tsp lemon juice. Use once a day if your problem is severe Warning Tip: It's best to spray your garden in the evening, or at least in the late afternoon when the sun isn't too powerful. Sometimes when leaves are wet at mid day or even 2 or 3 in the afternoon if it's particularly sunny, the sun will actually burn your plants, especially young or fragile leaves. 

Safe substitutes for hazardous household products
- Air freshener: Put vinegar out in an open dish. Simmer a pot of spices on the stove. Leave an open box of baking soda in the room. 
- All-purpose cleaner: In one quart warm or hot water, mix one teaspoon liquid soap, boric acid (borax), lemon juice and/or vinegar. Make stronger according to the job to be done. 
- Ant control: Pour a line of cream of tartar, red chili pepper, paprika, and/or dried peppermint where ants enter the home. 
- Bleach: Instead use a ½ cup of borax per load to whiten laundry and remove stains. 
- Detergents: Use soap flakes with ½ cup added borax as a water softener. Or use a synthetic detergent that doesn’t contain added fabric softeners or bleach. 
- Drain cleaner: Pour boiling water down the drain once a week. Use a plunger or mechanical snake. 
- Flea and tick powder: Put brewer's yeast or garlic in your pet's food; sprinkle fennel, rue, rosemary or eucalyptus seeds or leaves around animal sleeping areas. 
- Fly paper: Boil together sugar, corn syrup and water. Spread on brown paper bag and hang.
- Furniture polish: Wipe a mixture of one teaspoon lemon oil in one pint mineral or vegetable oil. 
- Glass cleaner: Mix one tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice in one quart water. Spray on and use newspapers to wipe dry. 
- Laundry detergent: Use natural soap flakes. If the water is hard, add 1/4 cup vinegar during the first rinse to prevent the soap from leaving a film. 
- Mildew Cleaner: Scrub with baking soda or borax for extended mold inhibition. Do not rinse. 
- Mothballs: Use cedar chips, lavender flowers, rosemary, mint or white peppercorns. 
- Oil-based paints: Instead use latex or water-based paints. 
- Oven cleaner: Clean spills as soon as the oven cools using steel wool and baking soda; for tough stains, add salt (do not use this method in self-cleaning or continuous-clean ovens). 
- Plant sprays: Wipe leaves with mild soap and water; rinse. 
- Roach and ant repellent: Sprinkle powdered boric acid in cabinet edges, around baseboards and in cracks. 
- Rug deodorizer and shampoo: Deodorize dry carpets by sprinkling liberally with baking soda. Wait at least 15 minutes and vacuum. Repeat if necessary. To clean rugs, vacuum first to remove dirt. Mix one quart white vinegar and three quarts boiling water. Apply to nap of rug with wet rag being careful not to saturate rug backing. Dry thoroughly then vacuum. 
- Silver polish: Boil two to three inches of water in a shallow pan with one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon baking soda and a sheet of aluminum foil. Totally submerge silver and boil for two to three more minutes. Wipe away tarnish. Repeat if necessary. Another alternative is to use nonabrasive toothpaste. 
- Toilet bowl cleaner: Use a toilet brush and baking soda or vinegar. NEVER mix bleach and ammonia. That combo creates a deadly gas. Environmentally Safe Stain Removal Bathtub/sink stains: Scrub with a paste made of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide.  
- Beer spills: Apply hydrogen peroxide to dried stains on white cotton. Sponge stains on colored fabrics with white vinegar. 
- Blood stains: Douse spots with hydrogen peroxide (if fabric is bleachable) or diluted ammonia before rinsing in cool water. Avoid hot water; heat will set the bloodstain. 
- Brass & copper tarnish: Mix together equal parts salt and flour, then add enough white vinegar to make a paste. Rub into stain. This may require more than one application. 
- Chewing gum: In hair, work in vegetable oil or an oil-based cream (such as peanut butter) until gum is loosened. On fabric, rub area with ice until gum hardens and most can be removed. Place waxed paper over excess gum and iron lightly over paper. 
- Coffee & tea stains: Wipe clean with a paste made of baking soda and water, or salt and white vinegar. 
- Fresh fruit & vegetable stains: Stretch fabric tight and pour hot or boiling water slowly over the stain so that water runs through the fabric. 
- Grass stains: Apply rubbing alcohol liberally to stained areas before laundering.
- Grease/oil marks: Gently rub in talcum powder, cornmeal or cornstarch; let set, then brush or sponge powder away. 
- Mildew: Scrub walls and floors with a brush dipped in borax and water. For books or papers, dust with talcum powder, cornmeal or cornstarch, let set for two days; then brush off. 
- Mustard stains: Soak stained area with diluted ammonia before laundering. 
- Perspiration stains: Rub stained areas with white vinegar before laundering. (Keep vinegar handy in a squirt bottle to saturate such stains before laundering.) 
- Pet urine: Dampen area with equal parts of white vinegar and water and blot dry. 
-Price stickers: Saturate with vegetable or baby oil before removing. Rust stains: Rub with lemon juice and salt, and then rinse thoroughly with water. 
- Scorch marks: Soak fabric in hydrogen peroxide, then rinse. Or alternate rubbing the area with a lemon slice, then wiping with a dampened sponge until stain disappears. 
- Tarnish from eggs: Rub off with table salt. 
- Vinyl that's dry: Sponge down with equal parts rubbing alcohol and water. 
- Water spots on stainless steel: Rub area with a clean, soft cloth dampened with white vinegar. 
- Wine spills: Pour club soda on the spill, then sponge up the soda and wine.  

A few cautionary notes: DO NOT mix anything with a commercial cleaning agent. When preparing alternatives, mix only what is needed for the job at hand and mix them in clean, reusable containers. This avoids waste and the need to store any cleaning mixture. If you store a homemade mixture, make sure it is properly labeled and do not store it in a container that could be mistaken for food or beverage.