Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Are Not Ashamed of This - Tuomey Hospital Receives "C" Rating

Dr. Gene Dickerson, vice president of Medical Affairs for Tuomey:
“...We’re not ashamed of this. We try to do the best we can and answer the questions the best we can. The data’s not perfect,” Dickerson said. “We never bragged on having an A. If you read my comments from the last time, I kind of downplayed it. It’s one little survey and one little measure out of several that we participate in. It’s really just a snapshot of the care that we provide...” Source Link

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Aw, Don't Mind That! | The Nerve

Aw, Don't Mind That! | The Nerve

"....As a general rule, we permit our politicians to stretch the truth here and there. If they want to take a little undeserved credit, most of us won’t begrudge them the pleasure. But a recent op-ed published in several papers by three leaders of the South Carolina House – Representatives Bruce Bannister, Bobby Harrell, and Brian White – stretches the truth so far and in so many ways that it can’t be allowed to pass without comment.  
The authors claim, for example, that “over the past four years, South Carolina has had an average annual surplus of more than $157 million – allowing our state to sustain core services while maintaining $28.7 billion in Republican-passed tax cuts.”
This is flatly untrue. At least $15.9 billion of that “$28.7 billion in Republican-passed tax cuts” consists of tax breaks to special interests – mostly tax favors to companies and industries with good lobbyists, not tax relief for everyone. As for the remaining $12.8 billion, it’s more than offset by the fact that the state’s income tax rates haven’t been indexed for inflation in more than a half century – meaning that the vast majority of working South Carolinians, even those who only make $14,000 a year, pay at the highest tax bracket of 7 percent. In other words: since the tax brackets have stayed the same while inflation has gotten higher, your taxes have steadily risen, not fallen...." Source Link

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forget 'Fear the Thumb' FEAR THE DRUNK

Drunk Steve Spurrier — Please be patient while the video loads. Bandwidth is expensive.: "Given the propensity for the University of South Carolina to actively endorse systematic censorship, propagating this lovely video in one more place can't hurt."
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