Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buying Prestige Using Funds from Campaign Contributors

Rep. Brian White Photo Credit 
Rep. White Contributes Thousands in Campaign Funds to Wife’s Employer, Charity | The Nerve: "The Nerve’s findings highlight the longstanding problem of the lack of restrictions – and enforcement – on how lawmakers spend their campaign money. The Nerve in February, for example, reported that Sen. Hugh Leatherman, R-Florence and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, donated $17,500 in campaign funds over a six-year period to a nonprofit school organization whose board of directors included his wife."

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"...“First of all, I would like to congratulate Brian White on the great honor of being elected the next Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee.

“Over his years of dedicated service in the House, Brian has displayed decisive leadership and a willingness to pursue and take on challenging responsibilities – currently serving as both Rules Committee Chairman and as Ways & Means 1st Vice-Chair. With the support his fellow Committee Members showed today, I am certain that Brian is ready to deal with the challenges ahead and do so as a fair Chairman who holds our state’s best interest at heart..."

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